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Newsome Junior School

Castle Avenue, Newsome, Huddersfield, HD4 6JN

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Behaviour in school

All pupils in our school are expected to behave with courtesy and respect to other pupils and staff at all times.

We believe self-discipline to be the best form of discipline, but that this is learnt behaviour. Pupils are taught such life skills that enable them to make sensible and well-informed decisions and choices. We believe that everyone has a right to be treated with respect. We run a programme of positive behaviour management in

school. This consists of clearly defined expectations of behaviour for every child. Should these expectations not be reached, we have a series of consequences.

In some cases the Headteacher will send a letter home to parents requesting that they attend school to discuss any problems with their child’s behaviour. If you should receive one of these letters your support and co-operation will be required.

Incidents of serious mis-behaviour can result in fixed term or permanent exclusion from school. There is no place for physical or verbal violence of any kind by anyone in our school.

Any child feeling aggrieved by any other person is advised to consult an adult. Any reports of bullying are always taken very seriously. 

You may view our Behaviour Policy HERE. (Updated April 2016)