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At Newsome Junior we value the development of pupils' basic learning skills. The following scheme was developed to aid pupils in the recall of their times tables.

Fluent recall of basic number facts allows children to complete number problems with more confidence.

Our expectation is that by the end of Year 5, children will have achieved their Red, Yellow and Green Awards. By the end of Year 6 we hope children have achieved their Star Awards to demonstrate quick recall.

Any awards beyond this will be a further advantage to pupils' numeracy skills.

The scheme involves each child filling in a chart and recording the time taken to do this. It takes about 5 minutes out of a lesson and is usually carried out on a weekly basis. The chart needs to be filled in in order (working down each column in turn) and there is a time limit for each award. Before moving on to the next challenge badges, the children must complete the green and green star awards in the given time, for 3 consecutive weeks, without any errors.

Initially there are 3 awards for the children to work towards. For children who gain all these awards there are 3 star awards. These follow the same principle as above. However, the numbers in the first column must be given out immediately prior to the children starting (random and different order each time). Once the first star awards have been achieved, children move onto the more challenging times tables in the Challenge Awards.

RED AWARD - 1x, 2x, 5x and 10x tables - 1 minute 30 seconds

YELLOW AWARD - 3x, 4x, 9x and 11x tables - 2 minutes 30 seconds

GREEN AWARD - 6x, 7x, 8x and 12x tables - 3 minutes 30 seconds

RED STAR AWARD - 45 seconds

YELLOW STAR AWARD - 1 minute 15 seconds

GREEN STAR AWARD - 1 minute 45 seconds

CHALLENGE 1 AWARD - 13x, 14x, 15x and 20x tables - 3 minutes 30 seconds

CHALLENGE 2 AWARD - 16x, 17x, 18x and 19x tables - 3 minutes 30 seconds

CHALLENGE STAR AWARDS - 1 minute 45 seconds

For the children who complete all of these, there is a series of division awards following the same colour scheme. The time limits for these awards are as follows;

ALL AWARDS - 1 minute

 Olympic Times Tables Awards


As part of our London 2012 Legacy, we decided to reinvigorate our Times Tables Awards.


The original awards will still be undertaken by pupils, but we have put in place steps to ensure pupils have a thorough understanding of each of the times tables.


Bronze, Silver and Gold stickers will be awarded for each times table.


Each child will have a record sheet to track their progress through the scheme.


There is a real focus upon chanting tables, rapid oral recall and the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. 

The success of this scheme has led to the development of decimal and fraction awards.